Our Mission

To be a source of assistance to addicts and those affected by addiction, to advocate for improved treatment options and to erase the stigma associated with substance abuse. Eliminating barriers for anyone seeking help with addiction.

About The Organization

Memphis based artist Ronnie Bobal, otherwise known by his graffiti tag as Betor, was tragically lost to a drug overdose on Christmas Day, 2016. Over the course of several years, his friends and family watched him struggle with his addiction and try to find effective treatment methods. His loving friends and family worked ceaselessly to help him navigate addiction services, and we learned exactly how difficult a task this is. We have joined together to form A Betor Way to share information and make addicts and their support systems aware of the programs and initiatives available, with the hope that we will prevent others from enduring the loss of a loved one to drug overdose. We will help find A ‘Betor’ Way to fight addiction.​

Contact Us

Email: lisa@abetorway.org
Google voice: 901-290-6592

Syringe Services Program

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Resources & Support

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Help us continue to provide services to those in need.  Every dollar helps. To date, we have received no state or government funding or grants and exist on general donations and fundraising events.