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Meet Our Founders



Ron and Lisa Bobal started A Betor Way after losing their only son, Ronnie aka “Betor”, to an overdose laced with fentanyl. After struggling to find resources to help him with his addiction, they felt that many others must be experiencing the same thing so they decided to share their experience and knowledge gained through Ronnie’s journey. In addition to their full time jobs, Ron and Lisa work tirelessly to keep A Betor Way running smoothly and growing.



Monica Martin

Monica has known Ron and Lisa Bobal for 37 years. She has watched them valiantly try to help their beloved son Ronnie navigate the disease of addiction over many years. She cried with them when lost his battle. In response to Ronnie’s incredible loss, and many other friends’ and co-workers’ losses of loved ones to overdose, suicide or illnesses related to addiction, a group of us founded A Betor Way. Monica plays a part in supporting A Betor Way’s activities and providing business and problem solving support.


Dr. Susan Mclora

A retired Registered Nurse and Part-Time College Professor is an intricate part of the Betor Way Mission. Ron Bobal did a presentation of the Betor Way at the VA Memphis in 2019. This is when Dr. Susan went out to visit the Betor Way site at Sycamore View and Shelby Oaks. The need to be a part of do no harm and feeding the homeless greatly impacted this caring nurse. Dr. Susan is on the Betor Way Board and continues to volunteer her time, give donations, and provide support to this cause as needed.

kathryn reed

Kathryn Reed

Kathryn aka Kat is a master social worker. She has been a volunteer since the very beginning and has since became our Vice President.


Marni Gairhan

Marni is one of our dedicated board members who is a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist and Intake Specialist. Along with supporting others, Marni helps our participants sign up for health insurance and get cell phones if needed.


Light Walleman

Light is a former participant who started as a volunteer and later became a grant supported employee. He is an intake specialist, med cart expediter and PreP Navigator.


Jennifer Dancy

Jennifer is a volunteer turned employee. She is our Community Outreach Coordinator, Certified Peer Recovery Specialist, intake specialist and PreP Navigator.


Nancy Hunt

Nancy is a registered nurse of 30 years. She has been aware and have seen the opioid crisis and it’s effects. Her son lost a childhood friend to the residual effects of drug addiction. Shortly after that she met Ron and Lisa when they spoke at the TN Nursing Association in 2019; and heard their story. She was moved by their mission and compassion; and that is when she began her olunteer journey with A Betor Way. Nancy volunteers and donates food, clothing and other needed items and is a board member of A Betor Way.


Brad Yackey

Brad is a former participant that started out volunteering and later became a grant supported employee. He is now our Harm Reduction/SSP Coordinator.


Alex Lynch

Alex Lynch has been a Public Defender for ten years and was friend of Ronnie “Betor” Bobal. Alex and his colleagues at the Public Defender’s Office operate a monthly legal clinic to educate and assist program participants regarding a variety of legal issues. His involvement with A Betor Way began after program volunteers noticed that some participants had a variety of legal problems and no access to professional advice. Alex specializes in representing people charged with drug crimes, so his expertise overlaps greatly with the legal problems experienced by program participants.


Taylor Blackwell

Taylor is a former participant who started as a volunteer and later became a grant supported employee. He is an intake specialist, med cart expediter, and PreP Navigator.


Dr. Richcard Hayward

Richard is an addiction medicine doctor and serves on our board.

Together We Can Make Great Progress